Renewed Love.

I got home on Friday afternoon and I told Edward as soon as I could that I needed to talk to him. I told him I wasn’t going to start a fight, but there were things I needed to discuss with him because it was driving me crazy. I told him about how I felt insecure because of the things I found. I also told him how I didn’t like for him to be playing around too much with my sister-in-law because it made me very uncomfortable. All in all, our conversation went well. I told him that I think I needed to prioritize our love life more and basically say yes to him more often in bed so that we could both be happier. And it’s true. I keep him happy in bed, he keeps me happy out of bed. I guess men tend to need physical reassurance to feel secure in the relationship.

Anyway, when it comes to my sister-in-law, I felt kind of awkward around her after I had told Edward how I felt about them playing around. Well, on Saturday, she started spraying silly string on him and she does things like that so that he could chase her around and stuff. He did get the bottle and sprayed her and I think that was it, but it was still enough to upset me. He was telling me, “Look how much silly string she has in her hair.” And I was washing the dishes and I just nodded without even looking at him. He could tell that I was upset. I told him I was going upstairs to take a bath. In reality, I just wanted to get away from everyone because I couldn’t stand that she was constantly flirting with him like that. Right away, he came upstairs to see if I was actually mad. I told him, “of course I’m mad.” He tells me, “You see? I didn’t start it. She’s the one that started it.” I told him, “Yes, I know, but you need to ignore her when she does that.” I broke down and told him how insecure I felt because of my weight and because I’m older than her (she’s 20 and I’m 26) and I was scared he would lose interest in me. He sort of got emotional as he explained to me that he loved me so much and that he would be dumb to cheat on me because I’m always there for him and he couldn’t imagine his life without me.

After that conversation, I felt so much better. We even had a rendezvous in the restroom yesterday. I’ve been trying to flirt back with him when he flirts with me. I have been sitting next to him in the couch and cuddling with him, which he told me he likes. In return, he helped me change some diapers and also cleaned the kitchen. He even went outside with the kids without even complaining.

I think if I keep showing more affection towards him he won’t feel the need to see as much porn or whatever.

We have been married for almost 4 years and I want this to work out. We just need to keep working on it, no matter what it takes, because we love each other a lot and I can’t imagine being without him sometimes.

Returning to the topic of my sister-in-law, I don’t know if she really is flirting with him on purpose or not, but it does make me upset that I’m letting her and Lupe live with me for free and the she can’t seem to show some respect towards my marriage and not play around inappropriately with my husband, don’t you think?