So everyone is mad at each other in my family. And it is all indirectly because my mom has a boyfriend now while my dad is still alive and bed-ridden and can’t talk.

I’m so disgusted right now and I lost a lot of respect for her.

To top it off, she doesn’t even seem to really care about my dad. She acts like if he is dead.

My dad’s daughter Donna wants to have custody of my dad and I really hope she does get it. I would love nothing more than to have my dad with someone who actually cares about him. He deserves to spend the last few years of his life happy and well taken care of. He doesn’t deserve to see my mom cheating on him and throwing out everyone from the house.

Onto better news, Adan had his first soccer game yesterday! It went so well. He had a lot of fun and that seriously makes me happy. I had a fear he was going to clam up and cry when he got too much attention, but he didn’t. He actually thrived, and as a mother I couldn’t be more proud.

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I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

6 responses to “Secrets.

  1. Im so sorry to hear about what your mom is doing. I would be very angry if I was you as well. What is her “reasoning” for doing this? Not that it makes it right, but Im just curious how she is justifying it as being ok.

    • According to her, it’s not a boyfriend, just someone she talks to sometimes.. But that’s not true… She goes out with him and apparently has had intercourse with him.. And according to her, she can do whatever the hell she wants because nobody pays her bills and it’s her house. :-/

    • By the way, I’ve tried commenting on your posts but it doesn’t let me for some reason!

      • Yeah most people have to click View Original and then it will allow them to comment. A few others were having an issue, but now it works for them either way… so Im not sure.

        Thats unfortunate. 😦 How did you all find out about it all?

      • What is wrong with your dad? I think I may have missed that or I forgot.

      • I found out because this past weekend she had a family meeting because my sis-in-law was asking if she had a boyfriend to a relative and she got really defensive (of course you only get defensive when you’re guilty) and from there my siblings told me everything….

        My dad had a major stroke nearly 2 years ago after a surgery that left him very handicapped… He can’t walk and he can’t talk coherently..

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