What a disappointment he can be.

In moments of stress, you turn to your partner to comfort you and make you feel like things are going to be okay.

Edward isn’t like that. 

He says, “Well I don’t know what we are going to do.”

I wish that he was a good financial provider for this family for the minimum necessities, and if not that, at least provide emotional support when I need it the most. 

Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually spending the rest of my life with this man.

Oh yeah, and to top it off, anytime we are stuck in a financial rut, he wants me to call my mom right away. It’s disgusting to say the least. Doesn’t he feel any embarrassment asking me that? He’s our family provider, and anytime he can’t met his “quota”, he wants to run to MY mom? I wish he would just grow up because I’m tired of having to tell him “No, we aren’t asking my mom for help again.”

About christyrendon

I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

4 responses to “What a disappointment he can be.

  1. Im sorry!! This reminds me of something Joe would do… and honestly I am glad I do not have to deal with it anymore. Hugs to you!

    • If we weren’t married, then I wouldn’t be with him I think :/ But not only are we married, we have kids together so that complicates things… I try so hard to see the good in him so that I can close my eyes to the bad.:(

  2. I know what you mean.my boyfriend is not too good at comforting me either.

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