Christy is sick.

I hate it when the kids are sick. It just really sucks. They get grouchy. They don’t sleep well. That means I don’t sleep well either. We just stay home until they’re well enough to get out of the house.

Christy started with a fever yesterday afternoon. I took her a cool bath, which initially helped. I also gave her some medicine. Right before we went to bed, she started to feel warm again. I put a cool cloth on her back because she wouldn’t let me put it on her forehead. 

Since I was going to spend the whole night with her, I figured that I would just go ahead and sleep with her downstairs on the couch. Well, that plan didn’t work at first.  I heard the computer turn on so I freaked out. I went to the back room with a knife because I thought someone had to be there. I was so grateful it was a computer glitch or something and nobody was there. That little episode seemed to have woken up Christy even more. So then I went to the recliner with her. The Christmas tree was on, so all the lights were distracting her. She was trying to play with me. This is nearly at 4am people! I was soo exhausted! I turned off the Christmas tree lights. Finally she fell asleep. I got on the couch with her where she finally stayed asleep with me. (I had several realistic nightmares because of the computer episode by the way.)

I got up 2 hours later to get ready to go to work. She felt cool FINALLY. I texted my mother-in-law asking about Christy, and she says that she is warm again -_-

Oh yes, and she is really cranky. 

I really hope that she will feel better when I get home from work because I’m just soo tired right now. I could literally rest my head on my desk and just take a power nap. I’m not kidding. I’m that tired. 

Ahh, the beauty of motherhood 🙂

About christyrendon

I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

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