My little brother’s wedding is tomorrow! I don’t even have anything to wear. I need to go shopping today. I normally don’t mind shopping, but lately it’s been more challenging when I have both of my kids with me. Adan is usually an angel when we go out, but now that Christy is more physically active, she does “bad” things, like grabbing everything in sight and knocking down clothes. So now Adan imitates her and grabs everything and doesn’t want to listen to me. THANK GOD strollers exist right?? 

Edward and I are doing alright.. We haven’t fought or anything lately. 

He is dressing up as “Ted” for Halloween. Basically he is a big teddy bear, and the kids are so freaked out by him! It’s kinda funny, but it sucks because I wonder if they’re going to be cranky the whole time we are trick-or-treating… I really hope not. 

This is going to be Christy’s first time trick-or-treating. Last year, she was only a few weeks old, so I had my mom babysit her while we went out with Adan. 

Anyway, the weather has been beautiful these past few days. To top it off, there have been butterflies flying everywhere! They look soo pretty.. A picture from my iPhone doesn’t do it justice.

Ooooohh…. speaking of iPhones, I upgraded to an iPhone 5C! It was a necessity, I swear! Christy threw my older iPhone into the toilet. Gross, I know.

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 🙂

About christyrendon

I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

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  1. dawnmarie78

    I hope your brother’s wedding was great and you were able to find something to wear. I don’t like shopping with my little one either. She refuses to sit in a stroller and wants to walk but also doesn’t like holding my hand. I took her to the mall last week and it was okay but she wanted to go all over the place. It’s not easy.

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