My little brother is getting married this weekend. I’m so excited for him. He is marrying a really sweet girl. They’re both REALLY young, but I know it’s going to go well for them because they’re good people and they’re responsible.

Something that my brother did that really touched my heart was when my dad cried and I had to leave Saturday night, I told him about it. Instead of playing some game that he had been telling us about, he told my dad (in Spanish though), “Let me go get a drink and we can watch a movie together.” He hung out with my dad that evening so that he wouldn’t be sad.

My brother Lupe is really selfless and always thinks about everyone else. He knows his fiancée is nervous and stressed about the wedding, so he is sending her to get a massage tomorrow. How sweet is that? 

I’m really proud to have him as a brother.

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I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

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  1. Such a sweet guy. Sounds exactly like my brother. There are not many out there like that!!!

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