Sleep training sucks.

When our 2 year old son was a baby, he would sleep in his crib. However, once he turned about 7 months old, he didn’t like sleeping there anymore, so we would just have him sleep in our bed to avoid waking up so much at night and to catch some sleep.

When our daughter was born, we decided right away that we would train her to sleep in her crib no matter what. Thus, our arrangement is that Edward, Adan, and I sleep on our queen-sized bed (not ideal for 3 people) and Christy sleeps in her crib.

We want our son to sleep in the toddler bed that we got him, but he is too scared, even though his bedroom is like 5 steps away from ours. Last night he fell asleep in our bed, so I carried him to his bed. Around 3:00am, he woke up crying. I got him right away because I didn’t want him to wake up Christy. So off he went to our bed. He kept tossing and turning and whimpering like he was scared that he had found himself asleep in his own bed.

It’s not the biggest bother in the world that he sleeps with us, but we would really enjoy having more space in our small bed. I know now that we shouldn’t have let him sleep with us in the first place, but it’s a little too late for regrets.

Any suggestions on how to get him to sleep a full night in his toddler bed? Is the deception that he found himself asleep in his own bed after he had fallen asleep in ours making it worse??

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I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

4 responses to “Sleep training sucks.

  1. Just be consistent. Unfortunately try your hardest to not give in and let him in your bed. Do him and Christy share a room? Do they have a night light?

    • Yea it will be hard.. Yes they both share a room, and I do have a night light..

      Honestly I think it’ll be harder on my husband than on me because as soon as one of the kids gives him a pouty face, he gives in lol… But then again it’s a good thing he is a heavy sleeper 😉

  2. dawnmarie78

    I never had an issue with this and I never had the kids in bed with us. We were very strict about that. As babies they were in a bassinet next to my bed until about 3 months old and then we moved them to the crib in their room. For awhile I would rock them to sleep and then lay them down but then realized I needed to get them used to falling asleep on their own. So I would rock them until they were sleepy but still awake and then lay them down. For the first few nights they would cry for awhile but then eventually fell asleep and they learned that Mommy wasn’t going to come in and get them so it became easier to just lay them down without a problem. It was hard hearing them cry but I knew it had to be done that way. I’ve heard a lot of parents say as soon as their kids start crying they will get them and put them in their bed because it’s easier but in the long run it’s a problem. I’m sure you can fix this issue if you put your foot down and stick to it without giving in. I’ve seen that Supernanny show a few times and she suggests, and I’ve heard of some parents doing this, that instead of having the kid in bed with you that you always stay in his room. Put him in his bed and then lay down on the floor next to him until he falls asleep. That way he knows you are there. If he wakes up in the night go back in and lay next to him until he falls asleep again. I know it will be hard and you’ll end up losing sleep but over time it should get better. I’ve never done that but I’ve heard it works. Hope that helps.

    • Yea I did the same thing.. Carrying him as soon as he whimpered lol.. But it’s only because he shares the room with his little sister and then I wouldn’t want to deal with 2 crying babies at 2am lol… But yeah maybe falling asleep next to him will help.. I need to search for a mattress lol 🙂

      Thanks for the insight..

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