I think my son has a disorder.

This is a really touchy subject for me, but I need to address it.

I think my son has Social Anxiety Disorder.

He is only 2, so I understand that kids have some shyness and some need to cling onto their mother. However, he HATES being the center of attention. When he is, he starts crying.

The other day, he was in the playroom when my brother and his girlfriend stopped by to visit. He REFUSED to leave the playroom and to come into the living room because my brother and his girlfriend were there. He started crying until I went to get him. I had to carry him into the living room and about 10 minutes later, he started facing them.

Yesterday, we all went to Chili’s to dinner. I had several relatives that we don’t see too often come with us to dinner. My uncle said hi to me and saw my son and said that he looks a lot like his son when he was his age. Adan started quietly freaking out and started crying and crying. I held him and comforted him, but he still kept crying. He wouldn’t turn around to face anyone for about 15 minutes. He wanted to eat chips, but he would just have his hand look for the chips without turning his head. I had to hold him on my lap the almost the whole dinner up until the end when he finally started getting comfortable. 

Anytime we go to a different place, he takes a very very long time to get comfortable. He doesn’t like to explore unless I am right by his side, and by that I mean he is clinging to my shirt.

I was looking into it online and I decided to have him evaluated by Early Childhood Intervention.

I feel like this disorder is something that I grew up with without even realizing it. I didn’t have many friends. I hated social situations. I didn’t like all the attention on me in fear of saying the wrong thing or sounding weird. 

I think this is a disorder that I passed on to him, and I am barely realizing it this morning and I feel TERRIBLE for this. I can’t even verbalize this without feeling that I am going to cry.

I am thinking that this coming week he will be evaluated to see if I am correct on my “diagnosis” and see if some sort of therapy might help.

Maybe my mom thought I was just extremely shy or something, so she never really got “help” for me.

I hope I am doing the right thing.  

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I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

4 responses to “I think my son has a disorder.

  1. The good thing is he is young enough that they should be able to help him in some way before it gets TOO bad. But dont blame youself!

  2. dawnmarie78

    I believe our parents weren’t as educated with these things because the research wasn’t there yet. I was very shy too as a child. My kids are both shy. I have anxiety issues and hate being around people but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned how to deal with it when I have to. I still try to avoid being around people as much as possible but that has kept my kids from learning to be sociable so they are shy. My son is in school and doesn’t fight about it but he’s very quiet there. He is getting better though and I think preschool helped him. Does your son go to daycare or a babysitter? Kids usually adjust easier when they are used to being away from Mom however if your son has shyness and anxiety all the time then it’s good that you’re getting him checked. I’m sure they will help give you advice and lead you in the right direction on how to help him. Hope you get the answers you need.

    • I agree with you that our parents weren’t as educated. I just told my mom my thoughts about my son and she thinks I don’t need to have him evaluated. She says that he is just fine and he’s a normal little boy and that is he just shy. Well I tell her that there is no harm in getting him evaluated. The worst thing that can happen is that we help him. She says I don’t take him out enough, but I feel that I do. She thinks I am home all day or something. My son stays home with my mother-in-law while I’m at work.. So he is used to me leaving, but he knows that my MIL replaces me while I’m gone..

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