Relationship Question.

Soo my sister-in-law “Jenny” and my brother-in-law “Peter” are separating because Peter cheated on Jenny a few years ago. They went to therapy and they regularly attend church. However, she couldn’t get over it (obviously easier said than done).

So Jenny and Peter had a guy come check out something that needs to be fixed in their house this year. Jenny and this guy “Brad” hit it off and now are talking to each other on the phone constantly. She even sent him sexy selfies, something she never did for Peter even though he requested it. Jenny tells Peter she doesn’t love him anymore and wants to start seeing other people, and he reluctantly agrees to do the same. He works with “Elyse” and he just asked her out last week.

It’s important to note that they have been married for 14 years (they’re in their late 30’s now) and have 2 girls – a 4 year old and a 2 year old.

Okay, so I have been married for 3 years and although my husband and I have had ups and downs (and let’s not forget to include that he has a lot of baggage), we genuinely enjoy each other’s company, have regular sex, and tell each other nearly everything.

In 10 years, will I be feeling the same way? If we were to separate (which is not in our plans of course), will he have somebody in mind as soon as I’m out of the picture and would I do the same?

If Edward cheats on me, would I be able to forgive him? I don’t think so.

At the same time, I love my kids to death and wouldn’t want the burden of divorce tainting their childhood. But I would still need to think of my own happiness.

If you were to be cheated on by your partner, would you be able to forgive them after years of being together? Or would you move on to satisfy what was left unsatisfied by your partner?

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I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

7 responses to “Relationship Question.

  1. That’s tough… is this Ed’s sister or his brother? I mean I guess for one…. It shouldnt take a person several years to figure out if you can “get over it” or not. In all reality its not fair to HIM that she waited years down the road, after therapy, etc, to say “Im sorry, Im just not in love with you. I want to see other people.” Yes HE screwed up long ago for cheating on her, but if she forgave him then, which she obviously did at the time, because she agreed to therapy, etc, then she should have realized at that point that she had to drop it. Now would it have been easy? Im am sure it wouldnt havebeen, but she should have known that holding it like a grduge would destroy her marriage more.

    Im curious though… what was Peter’s reasoning/excuse as to WHY he cheated on her? Was it multiple times? Are they now living separately? At what point, did Jenny start seeing Brad? And who found out about the sexy pictures?

    • This is Edward’s brother.. I don’t know if he ever gave an excuse as to why he was cheating though.. It was multiple times and I think there were feelings involved.. They’re still living together in the same house but sleeping on different beds.. Jenny started talking to Brad like a month ago.. Jenny and Peter share a cell phone and he found the sexy pics that she sent to Brad.. It’s almost as if she wanted him to find those right?

      • Yes it is… Kind of like a “I got you back.” type of thing. It is quite the toxic situation, and through it all I hope they remember and keep their children in mind! But if they are going to be done, then they need to be done… living in the same house is not showing the kiddos much good!! 😦 So sad!

  2. dawnmarie78

    It’s a tough situation and it all depends on the couple. Some people are able to move on with the help of communication or counseling. Others simply lose that love and attraction and they part ways. In past relationships I had been cheated on, we broke up and I moved on the best I could. It’s easier when you’re just going out. A marriage, especially with kids involved, makes it a lot harder. My husband and I have our ups and downs too but for the most part our marriage is great. I doubt he would ever cheat on me. If he were I know I’d be hearbroken but I’m not sure if I’d stay to make it work or if I’d give up. I guess it depends on the entire situation. I know if I cheated he would stay with me, no matter how hurt he’d be, and he already told me this. I wouldn’t dare do that to him though. I’m not so sure I could be so forgiving with something like that. I don’t think I’d be able to forgive so easily and move on, even though we have kids together. That’s definitely a tough situation. I hope your sister-in-law and brother-in-law are able to figure out what they want and no matter what they decide doesn’t end up hurting their kids.

    • It definitely IS a tough situation to think about isn’t it? Thank you I hope they come up with a good solution too… I am glad though, that they are still civil with each other knowing that they have kids..

  3. Lila F.

    I’ve been cheated on by EVERY man I’ve been in a relationship with except my husband. THe cheating usually ended the relationship, whether it was immediately or a little while down the road (because I just couldn’t let it go). Being married to my husband, I have thought of what would happen if he ever cheated on me and although I’d be devastated and it would take time to move past, I don’t think we’d divorce. The love I have for him is so deep inside me, I’d rather wear us down to the bone recovering and getting help than divorce over it. In all my previous relationships, it never occured to me to WANT to save it or get help. When they made their choices, it was over.

    I’m not saying I’d get over it easily. But if he’s worth the fight, fight for him 🙂 I think there are plenty of couple who have gotten past infidelity and are doing just fine 🙂 So, that’s what I think

    • Aw I’m sorry you have cheated on… It’s not fair especially when you try so hard and give it all in a relationship! But I’m glad you found your hubby and that you share love like that with each other 🙂

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