Worried About Mom.

Okay, so I haven’t necessarily had the best relationship with my mom. Actually, for the past two years or so, I’ve had a hard time getting along with my mom. However, I feel very worried about her. I feel that she isn’t emotionally strong enough to handle everything that is on her plate. What does she have on her plate?

1. She’s running the family business.

It’s difficult for her because she hadn’t really worked in nearly 20 years. My dad was the one running things. All she really had to worry about was the house and the kids. Now she is the one making decisions every day and they haven’t really been the best decisions. There are at least 20 employees that depend on this business for their paychecks, so it NEEDS to be running smoothly.

2. She is responsible for my handicapped dad.

He suffered a major stroke last year. He can’t walk. He can’t speak. He throws tantrums. It’s like taking care of a baby without the cuteness. He gets physical when he doesn’t get his way. He even punches and bites people when he’s angry, including my mom and brother.

3. She has a 14 year old teenager that just got caught smoking weed in school and he got suspended from school for 45 days.

He doesn’t really seem to be bothered about how he’s affecting people, much less my mom. Now he’s going to have to go to boot camp.

4. All of us except for my sister live on her properties.

I am moving out in 2 weeks so that way she won’t worry about me as much. She can sell that house if she wants to and make profit.

5. One of my dad’s daughters doesn’t get along with my mom and she calls Adult Protective Services on my mom.

To top it off, my mom thinks she is being followed by someone because someone took a picture of her from another vehicle. We think it’s my dad’s daughter trying to get information on my mom and make her look bad.

So as you can see, my mom has a lot to deal with. There are people that can handle all these things with grace and ease, but I don’t think my mom is one of these persons. We have sent her to the spa already… She goes out with friends to destress.. But still it isn’t enough…

I’m afraid she’s going to get into a depression like she did one time before. I’ve never written this elsewhere but one time like 7 years ago, I caught my mom almost committing suicide. She had a knife, she was crying, and she said she couldn’t take it anymore. That just comes to show that she is an emotionally fragile person. About 2 years ago, she had to take medication for depression and anxiety.

What should I do? I work 40 hours a week.. I have 2 small kids and a husband.. and I live 40 minutes away. I visit basically every weekend. I wish I had more time but I don’t…


About christyrendon

I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

6 responses to “Worried About Mom.

  1. That’s a hard one. Does she have friends or siblings nearby? Does any type of insurance help cover a health aide for your dad? Life throws us tough curves, but good luck keep encouraging her.

  2. Gosh girl that is a lot =/ It really is hard to say what can help, personally I would do my best to get along but I also know that getting along with mothers is pretty rough sometimes lol me and my mom can’t go over an hour before we try killing each other lol call about once a day just to “talk” but for you it would be checking in, and def. keep giving her the breaks you are, those will for sure help some. Other than that there really isn’t much a lot is going on and thats really just how its going to be, she will have to find her own healthy way to deal with stress, she just may need help finding that. 

  3. @MaybeBabyMamma – Yea she does have a lot of hired help but even with all of that she is still the one responsible for him… And thank you 🙂@heavenlyheavens – Yea you’re right.. I need to keep having communication with her.. and who knows.. maybe she will learn to confide in me because she doesn’t do that too much.. Thanks!

  4. @ChristyMaeRendon –  Yeah no problem girl 🙂 if you two are anything like me and my momma its gonna be hard. My mother and are I well we struggle every day to talk to each other but we know that its important for a lot of reasons and surprsingly even though we bring in lots and lots of stress on each other we also take away the other bigger stresses 

  5. @heavenlyheavens – Yea it definitely is important…. And it makes me wonder sometimes if I’m gonna be like this with my own daughter lol..

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