So basically everything between David (my brother) and me was laid out on the table. Long story short? We are no longer going to be taking care of Junior, his 6 year old son. Now some random people are going to be taking care of him. All because David couldn’t say thank you or show his appreciation or ask nicely.

Now I feel terrible for Junior that he is the one that is suffering the consequences of his dad’s mistake. He is going to be with random strangers. I kinda feel like crying because it’s not his fault that his dad is a jerk. I wouldn’t have minded watching him if David showed ANY appreciation at all.

I feel like David doesn’t show him any attention. He doesn’t check his homework. He doesn’t even know Junior’s teacher’s name. He doesn’t buy him toys or at least play with him. All he does is boss him around. Poor kid. And then he called his mother yesterday (who lives about 45 minutes away with her other 2 kids) and he was saying that he missed her and his brother and sister and David doesn’t want to take him over there. He just leaves him with whoever is available. Doesn’t he care about Junior’s safety? Doesn’t he care if he is happy?

Doesn’t he care about this kid at all???

I’m going to have to tell my mom about how I feel about this whole situation. Maybe she can help figure something out. Junior can drive me nuts sometimes but he deserves a lot better than this.

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I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

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  1. I hate when the kids suffer because of bad parenting. (((hugs))) Please try to do everything you can so that your innocent nephew has a good childhood. I went through a lot of crap as a kid and I am so grateful for my family members who stepped in and took good care of my sister and  I! I was so blessed that others took over when my parents chose not to do what they should have! 

  2. @ArmyWifeNMomMLS – I’m sorry you had to go through that!! It’s not fair to the kids when their parents are irresponsible right?Well my brother is being proud and not talking to us so I don’t know what we can do because it doesn’t look like he wants us to be a part of our nephew’s life anymore…..

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