My cousin got arrested for smuggling drugs.. I’m not close with this cousin at all. His mother is my aunt and I’m not particularly close to her either. However, it brings up a lot of thoughts to me.

It makes me wonder if we as parents are failures if our child went down that direction?


This is my cousin’s story from what I know. He was 17 when he got his 17-year-old girlfriend pregnant. Ever since then, they have been on their own with help from his mother. I know that they both had jobs, but they were struggling. Suddenly, he started working “out-of-state” and it was like he hit the jackpot. He was making enough that his wife didn’t have to work anymore. They even took their kid to Disneyworld. I remember thinking, “Wow, he must be making great money in his new job.” As it turns out, his new “job” was smuggling drugs, probably for the cartel, seeing as how we live like 30 minutes from Mexico and Matamoros is plagued by the cartels.

I think to myself, if his mom had guided him better, maybe he wouldn’t have gotten his girlfriend pregnant. You see, having kids (especially as teens) makes you do the impossible (however legal or illegal it may be) to make sure they have everything. And maybe seeing how they weren’t making enough money, he decided to do whatever it took in order to bring in the money.

Will my son Adan get his girlfriend pregnant later on? Will I make the same mistakes as some of these women? Am I thinking too much?

Being a parent is like the most important job in the world, and I guess we have to do the best we can to make sure our kiddos don’t make severe mistakes like my cousin. I mean, smuggling drugs is really really bad and who knows how long he will be in prison.. And he is leaving behind his young wife to care for their little boy by herself.

I can’t imagine something like that happening to me. I know we struggle, but at least we are honest and hardworking, and we won’t go jail for crap like that.

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I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

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