31 1/2 weeks pregnant + toddler + job = TIRED


I have been feeling totally exhausted lately, especially during work time.. I don’t even feel like getting up to get a fax or make a copy sometimes.. I feel lazy, but it’s not laziness.. It’s this pregnancy.. Plus I get home and have to watch over our son.. I don’t get to nap or relax ya know..

Luckily, my hubby does help me, especially when I give him what he wants.. It’s a small price to pay to get what I want lol..

Well we had some money saved up and we finally used it to buy some baby necessities. We had a crib before, but my mom had lent it to us, and since we will be moving soon, we wanted to get our own crib for Christy so that we can take it with us.

We went to Babies R Us this past weekend and WOW they are soo expensive!! I thought they would have a variety of things with different prices, but they only had high-end items. The bedding there was like $160… That was way past our budget. So we went to Walmart and spent  $60 on bedding for the crib.. Winnie the Pooh style šŸ™‚ We did buy 2 diaper genies because they were like $40 for both of them.. And wow, I won’t lie, it works miracles lol.. It doesn’t stink like dirty diapers at all in the living room (where Adan usually hangs out) or in our bedroom, where we have the other changing table. So yes, I totally recommend it if you have kids that use diapers.

We also got a double stroller for both Adan and Christy. We still have Adan’s baby seat so that saved us like $100.

If little Christy decided to be born soon, I would be okay with it because I feel ready now.. I think we just need to buy her a little more clothes and more diapers..


Adan Giovanni at the children’s museum 8/4/12:


Christy’s crib (and Adan and the new diaper genie lol)


our inexpensive yet cute bedding for Christy:

About christyrendon

I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

4 responses to “31 1/2 weeks pregnant + toddler + job = TIRED

  1. oh yes baby stuff is Expensive. But oh so cute! Glad your feeling more ready now! And I truly believe you can’t go wrong with pooh!!!!!!!! Its adorable and so is your son!

  2. Love the crib and the bedding! Looks cute! Good for you for not spending a ton on bedding, in my opnion, it’s a waste. I went all out and got a whole bedding set for my daughter but now I wish I didn’t, because all we used is the bumper, and sheet, and the bed skirt (and the bed skirt we took off when we dropped her crib all the way down because it was dragging on the floor). it came with a quilt, and a diaper stacker and a widow valance…waste of money! Live and learn, I guess! Oh and I have the same mobile! Love that thing!

  3. @faleeshab – omgg yes baby stuff is so expensive.. that’s why we are trying to get it out of the way before she is born lol.. and yes we couldn’t have gone wrong with Winnie the Pooh šŸ™‚

  4. @mommyneedscrack – yea the baby stores always try tricking you when you have your first baby lol… since at first you don’t have experience, you just buy whatever you think you might need.. And once you have the baby, you realize you didn’t need half of the stuff you had gotten :p yea I love this crib mobile because of the remote.. it helped us with our son when he would sleep in his crib šŸ™‚

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