For the first time in the looongest time, I feel insecure about Edward’s feelings.

Long story short, he has a daughter with his ex named Joanna. Her family never let him see their little girl. Crazy people. He left Joanna, left Dallas-Fort Worth, and moved to South Texas where we met. Now we are married with a son and another baby on the way.

Well, someone got ahold of Edward’s brother and told him that they needed to talk to Edward about getting full custody of the little girl, and they gave Edward his ex’s phone number. He just called her.

When he finished talking to her, he called me.. And I heard something in his voice… Something that makes me feel that hearing her voice made him miss her, especially since she was being sweet. He did tell her that he’s married now. But as a woman I have a strong intuition about things, and I’m usually right, not all of the time, but most of the time.

And I feel like I need to be careful… Like he might want to start something with her now that he has her direct phone number… I HOPE I’M WRONG… but I don’t know. I don’t like how I feel right now..

If I was to find out that he was talking to her, I would kick him out of the house immediately. I’m not the type of person to take out my feelings on my kids and forbid them from seeing their dad. I would always let Edward be a part of our children’s lives, but that wouldn’t mean he would have to be a part of my love life anymore if he betrayed me like that, after all I’ve done for him and everything I’ve put up with.


I hope I’m wrong.

About christyrendon

I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

2 responses to “Insecure.

  1. Aww hun hope your wrong too 😦 But even if there was a small hint of he missed her as long as it doesnt go any further then that then I’d just leave it alone. Because I know theres time I’ve talked to an ex & I’m like man it was good talking to them had great times, but I know Im happy & where I’m supposed to be now.

  2. @Aletheas_Unspoken_words –  you’re absolutely right about that… as long as is doesn’t go further from missing her for a small second then it should be okay.. And he wasn’t acting funny or texting.. I told him “I don’t like how Joanna doesn’t care that you’re married, and wants to go back with you.” He said, “Don’t worry. I would never leave my wife for her. Why would i when we are happy together?” I was still a little curious and when I handed him his phone this morning he had no missed texts so phew I think we will be okay 🙂

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