My mood swings are still a little crazy, but I think I’m a little calmer than before..

Good news is that Edward got a full-time job with my parents… taking care of my dad basically… It’s kind of awkward,  but he is making more money than me so that makes me feel good.. I don’t care what anyone says but it makes me feel feminine knowing that he is the breadwinner of the family…

He FINALLY got a haircut after much persistence.. I mean hello, how does he expect for me to give him oral sex or sex at all if he doesn’t bathe, get dressed, or get a fucking haircut??

I have to push him to try… to look good… and at least I have sex as a treat whenever he is good lol…

We already do it like two times a week.. I think that’s good in my book… but he wants more… ugh.. doesn’t he realize I’m pregnant and my sex drive is low and to top it off I’m exhausted by the time I get home? Some guys just don’t understand…

I was being such a bitch yesterday I’m not going to lie.. I expected breakfast in bed, flowers, and a card… (is that too much to ask for?) but noo…. I did get an ipad a month ago as a mother’s day gift, but I figured I could still expect those things considering they’re inexpensive… I got so mad at him because instead of being pampered, I’m the one that got up early to feed Adan and change his diaper… Couldn’t he have been considerate and said, “Okay it’s mother’s day… I’ll take care of the mother of my child”… but it doesn’t OCCUR to him.. That’s the problem…

No offense to his family, but I don’t think they made enough money to celebrate holidays, big or small.. But I come from a family where every holiday is a big thing.. Something to look forward to… So he didn’t think it was a big deal.. He told me he didn’t care if we celebrated his birthday or father’s day.. I told him I CARE…

I told him, even if he is broke, all I want is a handmade card because that’s what I LIKE.. He’s like why do you want a card? I told him it’s just something that I like to receive and that if I’m telling him to make one for mother’s day or my birthday then he should because that’s what makes me happy.. And he should LISTEN when I tell him what makes me happy instead of him trying to figure it out.

HELLO, I’m laying out the cards for him so easily and he complicates everything…


Today we are being nicer to each other though… I think we needed some time apart.. Now that he has a full-time job he misses me more so that’s good.. The only thing I don’t like is that he seems to give me the reigns on anything having to do with Adan… I’m working too!! and I’m pregnant!!

Men just will never understand what it’s like to be a woman.

About christyrendon

I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

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  1. When do you find out the sex of the baby? 

  2. haha never mind i looked back,you find out on the 22nd. 

  3. @Dreamsxofxsummer – lol yes we find out this coming Tuesday!!! The day is almost here!! Hopefully the baby won’t hide lol…

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