I’ll admit, I had a great day yesterday.

Luckily the delivery drivers came into the office early yesterday, so that meant that I could go home by 6:10pm. It sucks that I’m not doing as much overtime as I did before, but spending time with my little family is more important anyway 🙂

Edward somehow hurt his back so he can’t do a lot of things. I am surprised at myself for even having the energy that I do. We got home from work and we made love (I’m usually too tired after work). And after that I played with Adan for a while. He was laughing a lot, soo cute. Then we got hungry and I made dinner.

Thank you God for Hamburger Helper lol..

We were watching “Hardcore Pawn”. Seriously, Seth and Ashley are such drama queens. They’re always fighting and they’re siblings. I know it’s not ideal to assume that all siblings get along, but I like to think that we are supposed to be on the same team, not against each other.

I washed the dishes instead of having Edward do them because of his back. I know that sometimes you are not feeling well and it feels good when someone takes care of you, and that’s what I did for Edward so that he could do that for me when I’m sick. That’s what couples are supposed to do for one another.

Adan kept on waking up during his nappytime last night. I just kept rocking him back to sleep and he finally stayed asleep until like 5:00am, so I fed him this morning and I love how he goes right back to sleep. He is already 7 months old and I don’t think he should be waking up for a feeding anymore, but if that’s how it’s going to be that’s okay. I’m his mommy and I’m here to take care of him and love him anyway heart.

I washed bottles this morning for Edward so he wouldn’t have to worry about them. I got here to work like 5 minutes late, but nobody ever notices lol..

As for work, it’s not that slow, but Liz was bitching this morning, as usual. Seriously, she needs to lighten up. She always walks around like she has a stick up her ass. Personally, I think she is extremely insecure and that’s her way of covering up her insecurities. However, that still doesn’t give her the right to be such a bitch to everyone. She is literally 4’9″. She is so small. But like Alfredo (my coworker) and I say, she’s like a chihuahua because she’s so small yet she barks a lot. HAHA.  I used to care about her opinion (she is the boss’ assistant and I’m sure she gives her opinion to Claudia), but now I don’t give a f***. She is a sad little lady who is hated by everyone by her own fault.

I might not have a high position in this business, but at least I am happylaughing every day. My coworkers like me and they like talking to me because I’m usually in a good mood and high-spirited.

Good luck to her and her unhappinesscensored. lol.


The collage I worked on a few days ago.

Adan pulling my sister’s hair.

Adan Giovanni is 7 months old ❤

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I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

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