Work drama. and Jealous Husband.

Adan Giovanni is 6 months old today heart. I’m so proud to be his mommy.


Well there’s a little bit of work drama. Over $100. What’s the big deal right? I understand not trusting people. I do. My dad has a company and he’s been screwed over and he sometimes needs to keep an extra eye on someone. But I feel that in THIS company they overdo it. Hector (my coworker) has been with this company for over a year or so. And he is super honest. And Liz (the inventory girl with an attitude) is saying that he charged a customer $100 and never turned it in.

Now, I know I have only been here for 2 months, but a woman has a certain intuition, and I get the feeling that Liz is just trying to give Hector a hard time. I feel bad for him because he is getting married in December and I don’t think he needs the stress of an annoying coworker.

On another note, I have been coming home as early as possible because i’m trying to avoid fights with my husband. I work in a store where I am the only female. And my husband is a jealous freak. The other day he had lunch with me here and my male coworkers did not even glance at me because Edward was being very serious and looked in a “don’t mess with me” attitude. I find it annoying. I understand how a man can be jealous, but I am not a flirt. My coworkers respect me as I respect them. None of us cross the line. Plus, my husband should be able to trust the fact that if someone did hit on me (which they won’t here), I would turn them down immediately.

His jealousy started a fight last week. He got annoyed because I saw Hector at Walmart walking and I said hi to him. ?????WTF?????

I am afraid that his jealousy is going to change me. By that I mean the way I act. The things I will keep from him. No, not affairs or anything like that. But information about my day. In fear he is going to get jealous for a ridiculous reason. Does that make sense?

I don’t want to be the type of person that doesn’t tell my husband certain things because he might misconstrue them in a bad light. I have always wanted to be married to a man that I can tell EVERYTHING. That’s not too much to ask for right?

Lately he has been calling me at 6pm (which is the time I am supposed to get out) and asks if I’m on the way. I tell him, “no not yet. I am counting money” and he gets annoyed. He doesn’t understand the work I do even if I have explained it to him.




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I'm a 26 year old working mom of two amazing kids, Adan (2 1/2) and Christy (1).. I've been married for 3 years to Edward..

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